Lee J Bell Construction

Lee J Bell Construction, LLC.

34 Lear Ln. Dixmont, ME 04932

Lee J Bell Construction, LLC.
34 Lear Ln. Dixmont, ME 04932

PH: (207) 234-2226
FX: (207) 234-2218
EMAIL: tallianderson@aol.com

We are fully insured and have been in business for over 16 years.
Services our company offers...
Excavator – Bulldozer – Skid Steer - Loader
Equipment delivery: $350 and the first hour is FREE
Trucks for hire by the hour, Gravel – Sand – Loam delivery
Septic System – Water Mains - Sewer Mains: Installations & Repairs
Foundations – Slabs - Radiant Slabs – Gravel Pads
Road & Driveway Construction
Asphalt, Lot Clearing, Demolition, Haul Off

All phases of Carpentry - Frame to Finish
FREE Estimates on all services.
Also Offering...
Gravel and Salt Screen and Deck Sales (please see Gravel Screen page)
Trucks for Hire (please see Trucks for hire page)
Please visit our photo gallery to see some of the past work our company has completed.

Fujitsu Mini-Split Heat Pump

Visit our site for Sales and Installations questions OR to get FREE Estimate.


Lee J Bell Construction, LLC.

General Contractor

On Site Work

Building and Driveway done by Lee J Bell Construction, LLC

(formerly Bell Construction)